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Digital experience, loyalty programs and
a personalized customer-centric approach bring huge outcomes and convert customers' loyalty into a significant financial benefit for businesses, and become one of the most valuable competitive
Multi-tenant loyalty models
Loyalty dashboard
Campaign management and budgeting
Mass and targeted campaigns
Mass and individual coupons
Coupon Designer with HTML-Editor
Banner Management
Retail Network Management Stores
Loyalty Approve Flow
Mass and Individual Coupons
Loyalty KPI and Reporting
Discount and targeting services integration
Loyalty campaign types
Item promotion
Use case:
10% off on an item or group.
Use case:
10$ App Store coupon
for iPhone owners.
Use case:
30% off on any item
within the happy hours.
Earn and burn
Use case:
Get a point for every 10 spent
dollars, and use your points on
purchasing items.
Use case:
Spent more to get Gold
Status with special benefits.
Special event
Use case:
A coupon for newly
registered members.

Customer data

Strengthen your loyalty strategy  using the customer profile data, create a portrait of your target customer, provide the right customer experience and relevant benefits, identify needs and build an effective customer retention policy.
New members onboarding via Mobile App
Extendable fields in user profiles
Gifts for the completed profiles
Segmentation based on customer profiles
Customer and customer group management
Analytics based on user properties and preferences

and targeting

Perform manual and automatic multi-criteria customer segmentation, based on user profiles, demographic, behavioral, geographical attributes, history of purchases. Assign targets to your campaigns to reach the highest level of efficiency and appealing.
Complex multi-segment targets
Flexible segment aggregation
Demographic, geographical and behavioral segmentation
Automatic segmentation based on flexible formulas
Segmentation based on customer profiles
Customer management
User profile management
Targeting dashboard and real-time statistic


Attract customers with a wide range of rewards powered by Loyalty Platform Reward Engine: flexible discounts, coupons and loyalty points. Build your own loyalty point program and customize the reward earning and redemption flows.
Loyalty Platform Reward Engine
Reward prioritization
Discounts, coupons and loyalty points as rewards
Flexible indicators that trigger a reward earn
Integration with POS
Rewards based on transactions or actions
Reward Approve Flow
Build-in reward configuration tool
Extended discount statistic and analytics

Machine learning &
cognetive services

Use pre-configured deep learning models and machine learning-based predictive models to optimize campaigns, discount policy, and maximize the efficiency of your loyalty program. Stay in touch with customers using the Loyalty Platform Bot.
Customer churn prediction
Item profitability prediciton
Item demand prediction
Feedback sentiment analysis
Price elasticity modeling
Item recommender
Basket analysis frequently bought together

Reporting &

All the transactions are saved into a special event store. This storage is a huge source of useful insights on customer behavior
and preferences. Based on this information, Loyalty Platform can offer reports with any level of details and build well-grounded predictive models.
Real-time KPI monitoring
Integration with BI platfroms
Detailed information and statistic
Flexible date-frame selection
Dashboards for each service
Dedicated Reporting Service
Integration with the event store
Advanced analytic with Azure Synapse paltform

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