Reveal the true potential of your business with a comprehensive loyalty management solution.
Reveal the true potential
of your business with
a comprehensive loyalty
management solution.
Unleash your business’ hidden capacity and brighten customer experience with extensive Loyalty tools.

Why do you need a loyalty management solution?

Digital experience, loyalty programs and a personalized customer-centric approach bring huge outcomes and convert customers' loyalty into a significant financial benefit for businesses, and become one of the most valuable competitive advantages nowadays.
Key facts from the latest report of Bond Brand Loyalty.
Customers spend more to maximize loyalty benefits when they are a loyalty program member.
Programs make customers more likely to continue doing business with Brands.
Customers more likely to recommend Brands with good loyalty programs.

What makes our solution one of the best offers on the market

Leading functionality to price ratio
Powered by the most advanced AI models
Full customization available
Dynamic growth of functional capabilities
Flexible, secure and scalable cloud-native architecture
Embodies a huge experience in developing loyalty systems for large enterprises

Some benefits that
will help understand
our value.

Boost up your business
with loyalty campaigns
Loyalty Platform enables you to set up loyalty campaigns of different types - from simple item promotion to complex campaigns engaging various approaches and scenarios.
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Turn store visitors into
your loyal buyers
Establishing an unbreakable bond between a brand and its clients is the key to success. Customer loyalty management will impact instantly and make your company flourish.
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Monitor, analyze, predict and build loyalty campaigns
Stay one step ahead with Loyalty platform by expanding your marketing vision and adjusting your brand's strategies to a dynamic environment.
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Reward customers for encouraging
them to spend more
A customer loyalty program brings value to your business. Retain existing clients and turn them into your dedicated partners.
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Discover who your
real customer is
Explore the social and consumer behaviour of your clients with  Loyalty's analytic, segmentation and targeting tools and adjust your marketing focus to building customer relations and increasing profits.
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Frequently asked question

Here you can find answers to most common questions. Fell free to contact us, if you did not find right thing.
What solutions does Loyalty Platform offer and how will they benefit me?
We provide customer loyalty and branded gift card solutions for both small and enterprise-sized businesses. As a one-stop-shop for payments, gift, and loyalty solutions, we’re excited to offer our clients solutions that work together seamlessly and help grow their businesses.
Who should I contact for product support?
You can continue using our usual support channels. Please call +38 (061) 213 – 60 – 44 to get into contact with a specialist or email
What is the company mission?
We provide customer engagement solutions that help merchants turn everyday transactions into meaningful interactions and opportunities for growth.